Bonus Patreon Episode 3: Fill in the Blank From Hell Thrillers

Bonus Patreon Episode 3: Fill in the Blank From Hell Thrillers

Meep discusses one of his favorite sub-genres, the (fill in the blank) FROM HELL Thrillers which were popularized in the 90s with Movies like SINGLE WHITE FEMALE and THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE. Expect a lot of those classics as well as some offbeat ones as well.

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Bonus Patreon Episode 39: Killer Kid Movies

Bonus Patreon Episode 39: Killer Kid Movies

Meep and Ara discuss the perils and pitfalls of bad parenting with the Killer Kid subgenre! 

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Episode 59: Apartment Horror

Ep. 59: Apartment Horror. Meep and Daniel discuss some of their favorite apartment-centric horrors. The rent may be cheap, but it’ll kill ya!

Retro Movie Love Podcast Episode 59: Apartment Horror

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Retro Movie Love Podcast Bonus Patreon Episode 12: Dirty Harry Movies

Bonus Patreon Episode 12: Dirty Harry Movies

Meep & and his pal Ara discuss all five of the Dirty Harry Movies. Come make our day by listening to this bonus episode!
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