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Bonus Patreon Episode 7: Horror Movie Hair

Bonus Patreon Episode 7: Horror Movie Hair

Free for all!

Meep and his good pal Daniel Archer explore the best/worst hair (of all kinds) in Horror Movies. The most hair-raising episode yet!

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Hairdresser on Fire by Morrissey

Wig by The B-52s

Bonus Patreon Episode #2: Final Girls (and boys, too)

Bonus Patreon Episode 2: Final Girls (and boys, too)

Meep and his pal Quentin Dunne discuss their favorite Final Girls (and boys, too) in Horror Movies. Now available for all to listen to!

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Girls on Film by Duran Duran

Final Girl by Electric Youth

Bonus Patreon Episode 52: Happy Bloody Valentine’s Day

Retro Movie Love Podcast Bonus Patreon Episode 52: Happy Bloody Valentine’s Day

Meep and Ara open their hearts and discuss Slasher Movies centered around Valentine’s Day. Will you be ours until the bloody end?

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Bonus Patreon Episode 48: The Night of the Demons Movies

Bonus Patreon Episode #48: The Night of the Demons Movies

Spend Halloween with Angela, her friends, and us!  Meep and Ara discuss the NIGHT OF THE DEMONS trilogy (1988-1997) as well as the remake from 2010. We also get into our recently seen list, including a possibly controversial take on this month’s Halloween Ends. Get your lipstick out and your Halloween party dress on (or off) and enjoy! 🎃 🎃 💄