Erik Threlfall

Bonus Patreon Episode #23: Police Academy Movies

Bonus Patreon Episode 23: Police Academy Movies

Meep and Erik Threfall of The Hysteria Continues Podcast discuss the Movies from the Police Academy series (1984-1994)

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Retro Movie Love Podcast Bonus Patreon Episode 6: Superman Movies

Meep & his pal Erik (of The Hysteria Continues Podcast) discuss their childhood memories of the SUPERMAN MOVIES on this bonus Patreon episode!

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Retro Movie Love Podcast Bonus Patreon Episode #1: Jaws Movies

Just when you thought Shark Week was over…. Meep & Erik of The Hysteria Continues podcast discuss the JAWS Movies for our very first bonus Patreon episode! Become a Patreon supporter of our show today and you get to listen to our exclusive episode!