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Bonus Patreon Episode 5: Prison Movies

Bonus Patreon Episode 5: Prison Movies.

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Meep is joined by his pal Ara Alishan to discuss one of our favorite sub-genres of the Action Film, PRISON MOVIES. Lots of sweaty, shanky, big hair, lingerie-wearing retro Movie fun!

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Breaking Out of Prison by Sparks

Reform School Girls by Wendy O. Williams

Free Bonus Patreon Episode #41: Don’t F***k with Chuck! (Chuck Norris Movies)

Bonus Patreon Episode 41: Don’t F**k with Chuck! (Chuck Norris Movies)

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Meep and Ara kick bad dudes through doors and windows to discuss their favorite Chuck Norris Movies. 4 hours of epic, explosive fun! Remember to stay through the credits for more Chuck action! 

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Invasion U.S.A. Theme by Jay Chattaway (Invasion U.S.A.)

On the Road Again by Andy Prieboy (The Hitman)

Two Can Be One by Joe Pizzulo & Stephanie Reach (Hero and the Terror) 

Episode 74: Dino De Laurentiis Movies

Meep and his pal Film Critic Andrew Parker (The Gate.CA) discuss some of their favorite Films produced by the legendary Dino De Laurentiis. Dino had a long and spectacularly varied career in both Europe and America, including his own Film Studio in Wilmington, North Carolina: De Laurentiis Group (DEG). Are you ready for 4+ hours of Dino’s brand of magic? Just remember, “No one cries when Jaws dies. When the monkey die, people gonna cry”.

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Stand Up by Fastway

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Bonus Patreon Episode 30: The Soundtrack Revisited

Bonus Episode 30: The Soundtrack Revisited

Meep returns to his pretend DJ roots and creates a new playlist of 22 songs from 21 Movies. 

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Bonus Episode 30: The Soundtrack Revisited

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Episode 18: 1983 Movie Favorites

Episode 18: 1983 Movie Favorites

Ep. 18: 1983 Movie Favorites. Meep & Ben discuss their 10 favorite Movies of 1983. Also included are Top 10 lists from Cinema Du Meep & Retro Movie Love pals, recently seen discussion, Music selections and, as always, Meep drinking way too much scotch.

Retro Movie Love Podcast Episode 18: 1983 Movie Favorites

Song Credits:

Love My Way by The Psychedelic Furs

Over You by Betty Buckley

Christine by Siouxsie and the Banshees

On The Wings of Love by Jeffery Osborne

Breathless by X