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Episode 69: 30 Years of 1992 – January & February

Ep. 69: 30 Years of 1992 – January & February.

Meep and Jeffery Berg (of jdbrecords) time travel back to 1992 and explore the January & February Movie release calendars from 1992! More 1992 podcasts to come throughout the year!

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Ballroom Blitz by Tia Carrera

Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Saint Etienne

Save The Best For Last by Vanessa Wiliams

Bonus Patreon Episode 39: Killer Kid Movies

Bonus Patreon Episode 39: Killer Kid Movies 


Meep and Ara discuss the perils and pitfalls of bad parenting with the Killer Kid subgenre! 

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Episode 65: 30 years of 1991 – July & August

Ep. 65: 30 Years of 1991 – July & August.

Meep dives into the summer of ’91 as he discusses the July & August releases of that year. While not wearing pants. But if he did wear pants they would definitely be acid wash.

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Pump It (Nice an’ Hard) by Icy Blu

Rush by Big Audio Dynamite

Let’s Talk About Sex by Salt-N-Pepa

Episode 63: 30 Years of 1991 – March & April

Ep. 63: 30 Years of 1991 – March & April.

Meep and Jeffery Berg (of jdbrecords) explore the March & April Movie release calendars from 30 years ago – 1991!

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Joyride by Roxette