Bonus Patreon Episode #43: The Pauly Shore Holy Trinity

Bonus Patreon Episode 43: The Pauly Shore Holy Trinity

A fully thawed out Meep and Ara travel back to the stoned age of the early ’90s to discuss three Films released by Hollywood Pictures that star comedian Pauly Shore. Will we be wheezing the juice or will we be running away to join the army? Get on the tractor, take a ride with us and find out!

Special guest appearances by little meeps Benicio & Beatrix! 


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Episode 72: The Nancy Thompson/Heather Langenkamp Trilogy

Meep and Ben Sher pay heartfelt tribute to one of their favorite and most important Movie characters and the actress who embodies the strength and perseverance we all need right now: Nancy Thompson and Heather Langenkamp. Take a (hair?) journey with us through these three Films and make sure to stay after the credits to hear a revelation from Ben!

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Song Credits:

Prologue/Main Title by Charles Bernstein

The Warrior by Patty Smyth