Episode 80: ’70s Disaster Movies

Meep and Jeffery Berg (jdbrecords) take to the unfriendly skies and discuss their favorite disaster Movies from the 1970s! A lot of fun trauma involving airplanes, ships, buildings, rollercoasters, volcanoes, earthquakes, sporting arenas and more awaits you. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy!

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Song Credits:

The Morning After by Maureen McGovern

We May Never Love Like This Again by Maureen McGovern

Best Friend by Helen Reddy

Landslide by Fleetwood MacĀ 

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Bonus Patreon Episode #1: The Jaws Movies (1975-1987)

Bonus Patreon Episode 1: The Jaws Movies (1975-1987)

Just when you thought Shark Week was over…. Meep & Erik Threlfall of The Hysteria Continues podcast discuss the JAWS Movies (1975-1987) for our very first bonus Patreon episode! Now available to all!

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The Catamaran Race by John Williams

You Got It All by The Jets

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