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Bonus Patreon Episode 4: Meep’s Horror VHS & the Best Horror Blu-rays of 2018

Bonus Patreon Episode 4: Meep’s Horror VHS & the Best Blu-rays of 2018

It’s time, kids! Meep takes a spooky tour through his Horror VHS collection and also discusses his favorite Horror blu-ray releases from 2018.

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Halloween III Silver Shamrock Commercial by John Carpenter & Alan Howarth

Bonus Patreon Episode 27: The Scream Movies (Free)

Bonus Patreon Episode 27: The Scream Movies

To celebrate the release of SCREAM 5 I am releasing this bonus episode we did for Patreon in December 2020 FREE for all! If you like what you hear, feel free to sign up for our Patreon any time!

Meep and Ara are clever, hip & scary in this latest installment of the Retro Movie Love podcast. Discussed are the 4 current Movies from the SCREAM Series as well as our thoughts on the upcoming #5. Did I say we were hip? 

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Birds Fly (Whisper To a Scream) by The Icicle Works

Whisper To a Scream by Bobby O & Claudja Barry

Bonus Patreon Episode 36: The Chucky Movies

Bonus Patreon Episode 36: The Chucky Movies 

Meep and Ara dive into the entire Chucky saga with 7 Films. 1 Remake and a new TV-Series. It’s an epic episode just in time for Halloween, Chucky style! 


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