Retro Movie Love is all about sharing the pure Movie love for Films from the 70’s, 80’s and beyond. We love everything from Teen Comedies to Slashers to Dance Movies to Thrillers and much, much more.

Meep is AKA: Michael of the blog Cinema Du Meep. You can find Cinema Du Meep on facebook. Lots of Retro Fun to be found there…

Ben is a writer and blogger and you can find his work on the Eyes of Ben Sher Blog and his great “The Friday 13” lists at Chiller TV.

The Podcast is also available to listen/download on iTunes & Stitcher.


  1. Hey, discovered your podcast recently I’ve listened to about 4 or 5 just want to say amazing mate! Really similar thoughts ideals tastes and memories of certain VHS gold as myself. I am now a movie analyst film critic journalist @Mivie_Analyst on Twitter you are a type of identical movie fiend walking encyclopedia like me, Shane Adam Bassett

    1. @Movie_Analyst I’m writing this in a dark screening room before Pitch Perfect 2 begins, let’s hope it has more 80’s references like the original, cheers mate!

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