Month: October 2020

Episode 60: The Living Dead

Ep. 60: The Living Dead

Meep and Ara have turned into zombies for Halloween and discuss their favorite Living Dead Movies in between chomping on the flesh of those who don’t vote during this election.

I should also note that this is likely to be the very first podcast in history about Zombie Movies that has a song from the Mickey Mouse Club.


Retro Movie Love Podcast Episode 60: The Living Dead

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Song Credits:

Hanging On For Dear Life by MMC

Armies of the Night by Sparks

Flesh To Flesh by Lamont

Bonus Patreon Episode 24: Sports Comedies

Meep, famous worldwide for his atheletic prowess, joins former high school football star Ara Alishan to tackle the sports comedy! Get your jocks and figure skates on and listen!

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Bonus Patreon Episode #23: Police Academy Movies

Bonus Patreon Episode 23: Police Academy Movies

Meep and Erik Threfall of The Hysteria Continues Podcast discuss the Movies from the Police Academy series (1984-1994)

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