Episode 21: East Coast VS. West Coast Slasher Movies


Ep. 21: East Coast VS. West Coast Slasher Movies. Meep & Kieron “battle” it out with 5 Favorite Slasher Movies each from the East Coast where Meep is from and the West Coast where Kieron is a native. Everyone’s a winner if they have a pure love for Slasher Movies!

Retro Movie Love Podcast Episode 21: East Coast Vs. West Coast Slashers

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Song Credits:

(Everyone Wants to Be) The Winner by Graduation Day

Chop Up Your Mother by The Sick F*cks

Angela’s Theme by Franki Vinci

Hanky Panky by Tommy James & The Shondells


  1. Just found the podcast and as an avid slasher fan I had to dive right into this episode. Here’s a bit of little-known trivia that I’ve never seen elsewhere: although he is an uncredited extra, Joel S. Rice (the immortal Radish from Final Exam) can be clearly seen in John Carpenter’s Christine as one of the shop class students. I’m pretty lukewarm on Christine but seeing Radish in it always makes me smile.

  2. Just listened to this, very entertaining! I wish you could give me, or post your lists somewhere…

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